RACESMountain District working with Mountain Disaster Preparedness

Communications and Chain of Command for Emergency Response in the Mountain Communities of Idyllwild, Pine Cove, and Mountain Center.

Incident Command (IC)

The IC is both a place (the location where the people managing and directing the emergency response efforts work) and a team of emergency response leaders. Initially, it may be one room or even one vehicle and one person, but as more resources are needed and report in, the team will expand, as may the location.

RACES—Mountain District

Emergency communications is provided by RACES FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operators, an administrative responsibility of RVCO Fire – OES. RACES operators are deployed at local government IC Command Posts, special districts, and to the effected area to support the communication element of any major emergency response. Relays messages to and from IC and MDP. Handles radio communications between both the Primary and Alternate Emergency Operation Center Via VHF Amateur band radios and repeaters.

MDP / IC Liaison

MDP will have a communication and command liaison coordinator at the IC. Once RACES radio operators are available, the MDP/IC Liaison will conduct communication to and from the Incident Commander's) via RACES. The MDP/IC Liaison will also send and receive messages to and from the DAS Commanders or their Communications Assistants at the DAS’s.

Disaster Aid Stations (DAS) Commanders

Disaster Aid Stations (DAS) are both locations where neighbors needing help can gather and emergency supply containers. These locations and containers will be managed during an emergency response by Commanders and Assistants who will log in people as they arrive at the DASs, issue tools and equipment to rescue workers, and assist the MDP medical teams with first aid. The DAS Commanders and/or their Communications Assistants will talk to the MDP/IC Liaison and with the Neighborhood Captains via Kenwood 3160 radios over MDP’s radio network. Except for the times they need to rest, the Commanders and Assistants will remain at the DAS’s during the emergency.

Neighborhood Captains

Each neighborhood has pre-designated Captains who will direct the work of the Search & Rescue Teams. The Captains are CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trained and will communicate with their teams via FRS (Family Radio Service) “walkie-talkies”.

Search and Rescue (S&R) Teams

Once they begin operations. The S & R Teams will consist of 2-3 people (NEVER one person alone!) going door to door, surveying the properties and conducting safe rescues.

Chain of Command



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